Airport – fact and fiction


Prereading: Imagine you are are refugee, being kept by the police in a room with no windows for one year, together with 20 strangers.

a) Discuss with your partner: what can happen to you in this year ? How would you “keep your spirits up”.

b) Take notes of your thoughts

1. Read the following article and compare, in writing, differences an similarities, between your thoughts an those of Mr Mansour.

2. Make a short fictional video or a radio report linked to the article about Fadi Mansour. Presentation of the video or radio report on Thursday, 9 March 2017, please save it on a usb stick.

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Canada-A land of Many Nations

January 2017

The Last Liberals, the Economist, October 29th, 2016
1. Outline the basic facts about Canada as mentioned in the text.

2. Compare Canadian views on liberal life with those of Donald Trump.

3. Speaking: Analyse the diagrams 1 and 2: What do they say about Canadian life and historical developments.

4. Comment on the following statement: “There are many stesses and anxieties people are feeling around the world; Canada is less hysterical about them than other countries.”

5. Write a short essay: “What we can learn from Canda”

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Sonnet 29 by William Shakespeare

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Revenge: Othello

1)Listen to the following performance of Othello Act III Scene 3, as you read the lines.

2) Speculate how Iago continues the dialogue in order to start suspicions in Othello concernig Desdemona´s faith; then compare your idea´s with those of Shakespeare.
3) Continue with tasks 3-5, p. 229 in Context 21.

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…chaos caused by the love potion; William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night´s Dream,

1. Watch this excerpt for B1, p. 224, Context 21 (time:1:11:13)

2. Read the lines in your book, p.224 while listening to the scene for a second time; in a BBC radio production (time 1:05.16)

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Crossing the Mediterranean:


  1. Mediation: Watch the German video interwiew with the artist Tobias Zielony at the Biennale in Venice; Take notes concerning the basic facts.
  2. Mediation, partner work: Write a blog entry in English for an international art website for young people. Write about the Zielony´s work “The Citizen” in which you explain the basic aims, strategies and ways of presentation shown in the interview.
  3. Mediation: Publish your blog entry using the comment function (“Leave a Reply”)  in our English blog hts12london.
  4. Reading: Read the Text “Crossing the Mediterranean” by Ahmad Al-Nour, published 2015 in the newspaper for Zielony´s Biennale Project.
  5. Writing: Outline the different experiences, thoughts and feelings Ahmad had during the crossing.
  6. Creative writing: Transfer Ahmad´s text into a short story in a 3rd-person-perspective. Add a hypothetical beginning or an ending to the story.

Read the website for further information about refugees in the UK.

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A brain-enhancing pill

Watch this news report about the neuro-enhancing drug Modafinil. Do the tasks on p.42 of your handout afterwards.

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